What is antiviral clothing-to avoid corona

It is mandatory for everyone to wear a mask to avoid corona. And a lot of people are also using gambas, the use of sanitizer has also remained a companion of the people in the battle of Corona. Also, PPE KIT is mandatory for people associated with health care.

In the corona crisis, common people are surrounded by corona infection through a non-woven kit. Most people pour their clothes directly for washing as soon as they come from outside. But even in the meantime, the rate remains that by touching the clothes, do not infect the hand. Now Arvind Limited, the well-known company of the country, has pressed to manufacture anti-viral shirting-suits fabrics, readymade garments, and facemask. The company presses that this has prepared Indian customers to protect themselves from the coronavirus. The company will also launch anti-viral clothing under the IntelliFabrics brand. Antiviral textile technology will be used for the first time in India. Switzerland has partnered with textile innovation firm HIQ Materials AG and Taiwanese giant chemical company Zintex Corporation to bring antiviral products to India.

Actually, the risk of spreading the virus from the clothes is big. Research has revealed that the virus and bacteria can remain active in the clothes for two days. In such a situation, someone goes out wearing clothes and at that time the virus gets infected and the infection can spread by not washing the clothes and keeping the clothes here and there. To protect against this, Arvind Limited’s claim that the hack blocks the process from the virus with the Viroblock process and kills it when it comes in contact, this reduces the chance of the virus spreading through the clothes. Dabka is that HIQ Viroblock kills 99.99% of viruses in just 30 minutes.

But there is a limit to this technology, it is not that the clothes will be bought once and forever, its anti-viral will remain. Antiviral technology has been designed to chemically process the clothes for up to 30 washings, but for this, There are also conditions that antiviral technology remains on washing only at rest. According to this, clothes are washed in the washing machine only after rubbing, due to which it would be good to wash the clothes by hand.

These clothes of Arvind Limited will be launched soon and will also be fashionable. The company is also manufacturing PPE KIT and Shoot for profit in the Corona era.

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