Top 10 Donator in world for Coronavirus epidemic

The world has suffered a lot due to coronavirus. The effect of this virus has shaken the poor to the rich. On the one hand, where the work of the poor has gone to China, on the other side there has been a huge decline in the wealth of the rich. The condition of all countries is bad due to Coronavirus, but despite this, there is no shortage of people in the country and abroad who have come forward to help people.

There are many people all over the world including India, whose figures of donations will surprise you. Today we will tell the 10 largest donors around the world who have donated in the fight of this corona. And this is a charity in millions.

The first name in this list is Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey’s, Jack Dorsey’s $ 1000 million Indian currency, if seen, this amount comes to 4500 crores. This amount is about 24 percent of Dorsey’s total wealth. Jack Dorsey gave the slurry to it on April 7 via tweet.

The second number is followed by Bill and Milanda Gates, the Milanda Gates Foundation has donated 255 million, along with the Milanda Gates Foundation will also help create the corona vaccine. Let me tell you that this is 0.42 percent of the total wealth of Bill Gates.

At number three is Indian businessman Azim Prem Ji, Azim Prem Ji is the chairman man of Wipro. He has donated 132 million dollars i.e. 1125 crore rupees in PM Care Fund. Wipro and Azim Prem Ji Foundation will spend this money on corona related treatment. This donation is 2.2 percent of Azim Prem ji’s total wealth.

After this comes the number of George Soros, George Saros has donated 130 million dollars. George Soros is the Retirement Fund Manager of the Soros Company, which is 1.54 percent of his total assets.

On the fifth number is the old CEO of Photosieu Metals, Andreu Forest. He has donated 100 million dollars to fight the coronavirus. Which is 1. 23 percent of their net worth.

The sixth number in this list comes from Jeffress Call, who has been the first employee and president of eBay. He has also donated 1.49 percent of his total assets, which is more than 100 million dollars.

After this, the number comes from the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, Jeff Bezos is the most common man in the world who has donated 0.004 percent of his wealth to the Battle of Corona.

After Bezos, the CEO of Dell has contributed to this battle. Michael Dale has donated to small business, education, and health, this is 0.35 percent of his wealth.

Michael Broomberg, who comes to number nine, has donated 4.35 million to fight Corona, which is 0 of his wealth. 13 percent. Michael Bloomberg has been the Mayor of New York.

And from the number 10 on this list comes the chairman of Sanson Energy, who has donated $ 40 million, which is 0.26% of his wealth.

Everyone can fight this virus together only, so take care and stay masked and stay alert.

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