These Chinese apps are spying on you

There are many such Chinese apps in the world of this technology, which have become an important part of your life, but inadvertently, the Indian Surcha has also been greatly threatened.

Indian security agencies have termed the time-passing Chinese apps such as Tik Tok, Halo App, UC Browser and Zoom as dangerous for this. Indian security agencies have identified more than 50 such Chinese apps which are extremely dangerous for India’s internal security. According to the report of the security agencies, this information is being sent outside India.

Mobile apps that have been considered a threat to the country include Tik Tok, Halo, UC Browser, Zoom which apps are included. Apart from this, shopping apps for women, such as Xi’an and Xiaomi, have also been described as very dangerous for safety. Knowing the one associated with the case says that you use Tik Tok, Halo, UC Browser, and Zoom for entertainment. But these apps secretly store your location and the apps and information you use. In such a situation, the companies keep all the things that they are using with their applications, knowing that they also share their data with the Chinese government. Chinese intelligence agencies and the Chinese military can use these data to formulate a strategy to attack the country.

This may be happening in many cases, but because there is no democracy in China, the Chinese government never makes its official book. Another official associated with the case said that every person using the Tik Tok, Hello, UC browser in the country is in the radar of the Chinese government. In such a situation, all the videos you post and talk about inadvertently, this sari information gets stored in the Chinese server. However, the companies running these apps refuse to manipulate these data. But no company talks about sharing data with the Chinese government.

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