Looking at India’s preparations, start instead of China

America is also engaged in closing the siege against China. Driver China has received triple tension in Tibet, Taiwan, and Hongkong. After which China which was showing Tebar on the border has now changed its tone.

China is already shaken by the Hongkong insurgency and is troubled by Taiwan’s growing power as China is in Tenson with the US stand on Tibet. That is, the three countries on which China used to assert its authority, as of today, they remain the trigger points of powerful countries against China, after which China has to come on the backfoot.

In Hong Kong, resentment of the implementation of the National Security Act is the same, China is getting upset due to Taiwan being recognized in the world. Meanwhile, tensions between Chinese and Indian troops continue in Ladakh. China is aware that if there is a lapse in Ladakh from its army, the matter will not be confined to Surf India and China. Therefore, the Chinese Foreign Minister has given clarification and said that the situation with Sima is under control with India. And whatever bottleneck is there, the matter will be resolved through mind also.

China knows that the central government headed by Prime Minister Modi is not one of those who sit silent, if necessary, with time, you can also change your policy. Overall, China has trapped itself in the Chakravyu of Corona in the Chakravyu. Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, is occupied by China, Tibet is a Buddhist-dominated area. And the neighbor of India too, but after the occupation of China in the fifties of fifty, the people here have taken refuge in India. America has made preparations to give the status of a separate country to this Tibet country. The day the news came from America, the same news about the war from China also came. This can be a mere coincidence, but the equation of this coincidence is that Tibet is more a pain in China than Hong Kong and Taiwan. Wherever the people of Tibet are taking refuge in the world, they keep demanding the freedom of Tibet. The US has started meddling with Taiwan, Tibet, and Hong Kong to cut China’s tricks.

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