How about LockDown 4.0

The lockdown in the country is being increased once again due to the Corcoran virus.

The fourth phase of the lockdown has been announced, the lockdown is four completely different and new, it has new and new types of discounts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had already announced the lockdown four but was not told about its new regulation, which is reported today. The Prime Minister has already consulted all the states about what the lock-down four should be like.

The industry body has also sent its documents for the lockdown four, according to the recommendations given by Ficci to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the approval of the release of salmon from one state to another in the Green and Orange zones, the market and office opening time will be slightly Be isolated so that social distancing can be followed.

During the curfew, the workmen should be allowed to come so that there is no shortage of manpower. Also, working people should be allowed to go from one state to another, domestic flights with social distancing are exempted,

All buses should be allowed to run in the Orange and Green zones and the buses are allowed to run on the necessary routes in the Red Zone, the container and the Red Zone should be shortened, that is, if there is a corona patient in a colony, then the entire colony is not just A block should be sealed. Feki has given these suggestions to start and increase economic activities. However, in lock-down three, the government had allowed more than 30% of economic activity to open. But this time you can get some more discounts. But some new restrictions can also be imposed in the Containment Zone.

Most of the states of the country are also in the process of opening economic activities along the Corona Guide Lines. Because the lockdown has caused a huge economic loss to the country, and even if there is no exemption, a big economic crisis can arise in the country.

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