Is lockdown 5.0 coming on

So far, the same question is arising in the whole country. Is it possible to face lockdown once again and if this happens, how much will the scope of the ban be? If there is an exemption, how much will be received, and in which areas will the most important question be found?

So far, more than one and a half million corona hairs have been exposed in the country. In the midst of growing patients, the government had given some exemption to give people relief. But just four days before the end of Lockdown 4, the sound of Lockdown 5.0 has been heard once again. Let me tell you that on 31 May, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will talk about the mind, and in this mind, the Prime Minister can clear a lot. If sources are to be believed, increasing the lockdown for about 2 weeks is going on.

The government is trying to bring people’s life and economy back on track by giving more relaxation to the people. But it is reported that the area that is suffering from Corona will not be given much relief. According to sources, in Lockdown 5.0, 11 cities will not be given a full look and no exemption. This is the city where the crisis of Corona continues to grow. Let us tell you which cities can continue the ban.

This is a city,
Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Thane, Indore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Surat and Kolkata. This is the area where the coronavirus has created a tremendous orgy. And here the number of patients is increasing every day, the frequency of corona is increasing every day. Guess from this that in these 11 cities, 70 percent of cases of corona patients of India have been found. While Ahmadwad, it is more dangerous in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata and 60 percent of the total patients of the country have been found here. This is the reason why the government is thinking about Lockdown 5.0. And if this happens, in Lockdown 5.0, the government will be vigilant in these areas and except for the Containment Zone, the rest will be exempted from certain conditions.

It is also reported that in Lockdown 5.0 gym and religious grounds can also be opened, but social distancing will also have to be taken care of. Life is slowly coming back on track but it seems that no one will have to live with the corona and now it will have to follow the government’s guideline for All Time.

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