Now separate GST for the paratha and roti

Ever since the Corona crisis has struck the whole world, the economy of the whole world has been deteriorating and there is no way of emerging it. In such a situation, the GST and different types of tax on bread have become a big issue.

Let me tell you that this issue has arisen from Karnataka where it has been said that there is a difference between roti and paratha, only 5% will be patted on roti but GST will be imposed on the paratha at the rate of 18%. After this news on social media, they have been enjoyed in a different way, people generally do not understand the difference between paratha and roti. But in the GST world, both are different. According to the reports, the Advance Ruling Authority of Karnataka has ruled that a Malabar Paratha in Kerala will be patrolled at the rate of 18% due to a heated argument. While the bread will take 5% gust.

In fact, in a petition, Malabar Parathe was demanded to keep Khakhara chapati in the chain of bread. But Karnataka’s advance ruling rejected the demand to make this petition. Under the GST notification Sedul 1, Entry 11A, the bread is patrolled at the rate of 5%. Karnataka imposed different taxes on bread and paratha, arguing that it is a pre-made or cooked product. While paratha has to be heated before eating it. Actually, the paratha that is meant to be patrolled is ready to cook. Which is heated and eaten. Processing is required to make this paratha edible.

Anand Mahindra was also no less behind in enjoying this news on social media, he wrote that when the country is facing many challenges, this thing may surprise you, we are worried about parathas. The way Indians have gained the title of jugaad, it seems that people of Nayam will also find a cut. This is the case of Eid Press Food Private Limited, Bangalore. Ready supplies food such as Idli, Dosa, Paratha, Curd, and Paneer. The company filed a petition demanding that a kind of tax should be imposed on the material made from wheat.

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