How to fast your slow phone through iManager

iManager is a vital tool for each user. It will clean junk files and master privacy, with features: information Backup, Phone cooler, and Battery Management, etc.

This summer is thus hot. In such heat, you typically worry regarding your phone heating up. once your phone feels too hot, faucet Phone Cooling. As presently as you faucet it, the temperature of your phone is mechanically detected. once the detection method is completed, the running apps that cause your phone to heat up, and therefore the elements that heat up are displayed. once you faucet One-tap Cooling, the matter of the phone heating up is mechanically mounted. Then, faucet Done to complete the method.

iManager can fully speed

Battery Management could be a terribly powerful tool. faucet it and you’ll set the ability mode for your phone, as well as traditional mode, low power mode, and a brilliant power-saving mode. you’ll additionally read the rankings for power consumption and conclude that apps consume the foremost power. you’ll additionally read the high power intense apps within the background with the odds of power consumption displayed.

iManager can fully speed

Data Backup is additionally terribly helpful. initial is Vivo Cloud, with that you’ll make a copy of your SMS messages, contacts, etc. additionally, internet Share and EasyShare area unit terribly helpful. internet Share permits you to transfer files between your phone and a laptop, and EasyShare is crucial for file transfer between mobile phones.

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