How is the lockdown 4.0 Giude Line

In view of the increasing cases of Coronavirus, the lockdown in the country has been increased once again till 31 May.

The National Disaster Management Authority has said that this lockdown needs to be further increased so that the coronavirus disease and the epidemic can be controlled. The first lockdown in India was done on 25 March. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a 21-day lockdown in the country, the second phase of the lock-down that began on 14 April 2020 started from 14 April and lasted till 3 May, which was of 21 days. The third lockdown started from May 4 and lasted until May 14, which was for 21 days. It is now the turn of the fourth lockdown and this is extended till 31 May.

Following instructions from the National Disaster Management Authority, it is being felt that the Union Home Ministry may soon issue guidelines regarding the lock-down. Earlier Narendra Modi had indicated that from May 18, the fourth period of lockdown will start and its color will be different.

In fact, the government is struggling on two front lines, one is to bring the coronavirus disease under control, and secondly, due to the lock-down, economic activity has come to a standstill, due to which the servant is going and Pravashi Mazdur is returning to his GAO. In the fourth lock-down, it is being said that both the Central Government and the State Government can provide some relief so that economic activities can be started to some extent, and once again the money is returned to the markets. With this, people’s lives can be returned to track.

But in the fourth phase lockdown, what will be closed, what will be open, what is the whole guideline, let us tell you in detail.

  1. So first of all, let us tell you that air flights will be banned across the country as before, except for some important flights like Surcha and Medical Emergency.
  2. Rail and metro services will be closed across the country.
  3. Schools, colleges, universities, institutions, training institutions will remain closed.
  4. Hotel and restaurant will also remain closed as before. Except for some hotels and restaurants that are helping the trapped people.
  5. Cinema halls, shopping malls, gyms, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theaters, bars, auditoriums, assembly halls will all be closed.
  6. Sports complexes and stadiums can be opened according to the condition, that is, matches can be played in the stadium, but the spectators can not go.
  7. Apart from this, all social gathering, such as social, political, sports-related, entertainment related, study writing, cultural related, programs, all religious programs, wherever people reach the group, it is banned. The line is the same as the previous guideline.
  8. Apart from the Containment Zone, the things that are open on the ship will remain open.
  9. As far as Yota Yat is concerned, some concessions have been given in it which is as follows. So you can go from one state to another in a private car or bus but it should have the permission of both the states.
  10. All temples, mosques, gurudwaras will remain closed.
  11. In addition, 5 zones have now been made, Containment Zone, Buffer Zone, Red Zone, Orange Zone, and Green Zone.

And this time the decision will be made by the state governments to determine John, this right has been given to the state government, which has already been the demand of all the states, this time the central government has accepted it.

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