How is Baba Ramdev’s online website Order Me

Modi government wants to make the country self-reliant. Therefore, the government keeps insisting that people leave foreigners and adopt indigenously. It will not only develop the country but the country will also become self-sufficient and the people of the country will get employment with trade. Baba Ramdev

At this time, the world is going through a crisis where people have to live apart from each other. And maybe people will have to stay this distance for each other forever or for a long time. But a human being is a social animal. Without meeting each other, people would buy even one thing, if the distance had to be maintained in the same way, society would have to take a new form. Like shopping online at a nearby shop. This is why every businessman is trying his hand in the online market. Now look at Baba Ramdev itself, Baba Ramdev is preparing to bring an e-commerce site to make Make in India, whose name is Order Me. Apart from Patanjali, indigenous products will be sold on this website named Order Me. The biggest thing is that the delivery of the product sold on this website will be a dam free.

This announcement has been made by Baba Ramdev at a time when the Prime Minister has spoken about Bhokal for the local. For your information, tell us that this e-commerce website of Baba Ramdev can knock in the next 15 days. The company claims that the delivery of the product on this website will take a few hours to deliver. According to Acharya Balakrishna, Order M will sell only Swadesi products, not Badeshi products, not only this, not only the products will be sold on this website, but more than 1500 doctors of Patanjali will also be available for free advice. That is, if you want to take the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor, then you can take it for free and along with this, you will get advice related to yoga.

Now it is obvious that people would like to use not only on the website but also on the application, then tell you that the application of Order Me will also be available on the App Store and this application will be available for both Android and IOS. Also, the MSME sector will also be added to this app of Patanjali. That is, e-commerce shoppers are going to grow in the coming time. With this, the competition will also increase. Now, the thing to be seen in this battle will be who is the hobby on whom because the native platform is also ready and foreign.

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