Facebook’s new avatar sparked

Legendary social media company Always brings something new for its users, this time Facebook has brought a new feature for its users as an avatar.

Animation always likes youngsters and animation is a different thing in the film world. Social media Facebook has brought a fun feature for its users. With which they can make their animation cartoon or virtual character. This feature named Avatar is included in the latest version of Facebook. And a lot of users are making their own characters.

In the world’s largest market, India is now giving this feature to everyone. And this interesting feature of Facebook is everywhere. Everyone is designing their own animated avatar. Along with this, users are also getting many options such as lots of faces and outfits for designing characters. Facebook has launched this feature at a time when Tick Talk and 59 Chinese apps have been banned in India.

Let us now tell you how you can create your animated avatar on Facebook. To create an animated avatar, you must first update the Facebook app and after updating, open the application, then go to the comment option and click on the smile button, then you will get the option of Create your avatar here You can create your avatar by using face and outfit. After preparing the avatar, there will be an option to save, now you can also save the avatar. Or you can share it on Facebook.

Let me tell you that India is the second-largest market for Facebook in the world. And the company has seized the opportunity and launched this feature. After working on this feature for a long time, Facebook started testing Avatar this year. With its help, users will be able to create their own animated avatar and will also be able to use it in the app in a fun way.

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