Facebook will give free internet

Facebook will give free internet, Facebook has made a big investment with Jio.

In the coming time, Facebook can give you free data. Whether or not you have a plan or data on your phone, Facebook will work. For this, Facebook has also started testing an app named Discover in Peru. And through this, Facebook will give free data, although this app will only be for development seal countries.

Facebook is also in talks with local telecom companies for free internet and will later partnership with them. For this, Facebook has started its trial in Peru, however, it will start in bed later in countries like Thailand, Iraq, and the Philippines. Through this app, the mobile user will get data every day, its information will be given to the users every day through notifications.

The thing to note here is that this data of Facebook will be slow, it will be so slow that users can load only the text of a website, the video will not play on it.

The Free Basic, which was banned in India, does not discriminate in that way. Facebook had announced free basic some time ago, in which Facebook had said to give internet without paying any money. That is, select websites including Facebook can also be accessed. Let me tell you that many countries have banned it by saying that it is against net neutrality and in India too, it was severely banned in 2016 and it was banned. However, this is not the case with the app Discover, it does not desynchronize any website. Although Facebook has done the medicine, it does not require a Facebook account to use it.

As far as privacy is concerned, the company has said that the browsing history of users will not be collected. According to Facebook, users’ data will not be collected even for Facebook Ads. What is the plan of the company in India, nothing has been said by Facebook at this time, but after seeing such a big investment with Jio, it seems that Facebook and Jio are definitely thinking of doing something big. Now it has to be seen whether Facebook and Jio are also working on bringing the free data plan of India.

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