Between the Corona crisis, the company started hiring

The coronavirus crisis in the country is clearly visible on the job market and while some companies have postponed new hirings, there are some sectors where hiking is growing and business is showing up.

According to a survey, there has been a rise in hiking in the last few days compared to the previous month. Accordingly, e-commerce, data processing supply chain, management, banking, FMCG, health care, insurance, digital experts, and pharma companies have once again started hearing. Prior to this lockdown, all companies had either frigid or postponed Hyorin. But now the situation is improving and the company is also looking to increase its business, which is expected to increase hiring.

If we look at the same data, then about 80% of the reduction has been observed in recruitment. However, there is no significant difference in sectors like Pariton. But in sectors such as telecom and manufacturing, some relief can be seen. In the corona crisis, there may be some change in the earlier hiring and now the hiring. Like in some sectors, there may be some change in salary and salary increase as per earlier. But this change is likely to be seen only in certain sectors, leaving the job before the Coronavirus crisis, and moving to another company would have increased the salary by 20-30%. But due to reduced employment, it is now possible to have some gag.

In some reports, even this year, there is talk of stopping the hiring, but there is some business where there is still demand and demand may increase in the coming time. Corona has made a tremendous impact on the business and the private sector, in such a situation, recovery of business along with Corona is very important and this is only related to the efforts of the government in the right direction. The economy can be supported gradually only by supporting small and big businesses.

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