Your voter card is improved by sitting at home, complete process

The identity card is an important part of our lives. Without this, we can not do any of our work. Regardless of whether we have to open a bank account or take a mobile SIM card or take advantage of any government scheme. You can not avail any facility without an identification card. If you speak the voter identity card, then you do not have the right to vote without it.

How to Change the House Address in the Aadhaar Card or Date of Birth? In addition to voting, the voter ID card is also used in many places. But many times it has been seen that incorrect information is printed on the Voter ID card or wrong picture is taken. In such a situation it is very necessary to get it done. If you have changed the current address then it is necessary to change it on your voter card too. What to do if the PAN card, Aadhar card or the voter ID is lost?

Today, we are telling you about these ways, with the help of which you can change the information of the voter card sitting in your house. With the help of what we are telling you today, you can change your Voter ID card information in just 5 minutes sitting in the house. To change the information of

step 01.  voter card, first of all, the official website of Election Commission i.e. must be logged on. As soon as you log in it will open the Election Commission’s Homepage in front of you.

Step 02.  On this homepage, you will see options to change the voter ID card downwards. You have to click on it. Many options will open before you click on it. Just like creating a new voter ID card, removing your name from the voter list, not adding to the voter list etc.

Step 03.   You have to click the change option in the voter ID card. Once you click it, the form number 8 will open, so that you can make any changes. You must fill in all the information asked in this form correctly. Keeping your old Voter ID card in front of you while filling the form

Step 04.  That’s because many information from you will be asked about it. If you want to change your photo then upload it and write down the changes you want to make in your voter card.

Step 05.   Here you have to be careful that you upload the same photo, whose background is white, otherwise, the Election Commission will not select it. After filling the complete form, also find your email ID and number and submit the form. Put an eye on the entire process, so that there is no mistake. After submitting it, the Commission will change your voter ID card and send your new Voter Card to your new address.

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