World Cup 2019 Score



After 1 overs, India 4/0 ( KL Rahul 3, Rohit Sharma 1)

Rahul gets off the mark with a triple on second delivery as he placed his back-foot punch past backward point fielder. Rohit opens his account with a nudge to square leg. Four off the over. Fantastic batting conditions these. Cottrell has hit the good length more often than not and will look to bowl a bit fuller.


After 2 overs, India 5/0 ( KL Rahul 3, Rohit Sharma 2)

Right-arm pacer Kemar Roach is into attack from the other end. Just a single from the first ball as Rohit tucked the angled-in length ball to mid-wicket.

After 4 overs, India 9/0 ( KL Rahul 4, Rohit Sharma 4)

Roach continues. Two from the over. Meanwhile, Ian Bishop has confirmed on television that India is now the No 1 side in ODIs after England lost to Australia