Wheel by Si Hyeong Ryu Boasts a Built-In Washing Machine

Wheel by Si Hyeong Ryu is a hamster wheel-styled treadmill that boasts a built-in washing machine. The latter essentially works by way of generated kinetic energy. It shows that with a little bit of imagination, companies, and designers can combine two seemingly unrelated products for amazing results. In this case, it encourages healthy living while also getting chores done around the house.

A 2014 Electrolux Design Lab entry, Wheel by Si Hyeong Ryu is a creative crossover that will ensure no one ever misses out on their workout routine again. As Yanko Design points out, “No running, no clean clothes.” For any leftover energy, the user can save it for later. It doesn’t require the presence of the person to use it either, which makes it even more convenient.

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