What’s the design of WhatsApp changed, now what will look like

There are many new features coming out this year at the Popular Messaging App, WhatsApp, as you know it has started with the Authentication feature. Now it’s the turn of its design. Yes, now Whatsapp is coming to you in a new avatar soon.

According to WaBetaInfo’s report, WhatsAppSp has designed a new design for its beta version, in which its setting options and layouts are visible in a new incarnation. In the picture shared in the tweet, the design of the Whatsapp appetite can be clearly seen.

In this photo, it was clear that where previously only Settings, Chat, Notification, Data, and Storage usage, Invite a friend were seen in the options. At the same time, with all these options in the new version, some new options are seen as all categories only.

You had to click on the main menu to view these options first, but now you can see only on the first page of the settings, which options are available inside the main menu.

After the update, the new Chats option appears to be written only on backup, history, wallpaper layout, but in Notification, the messages, groups and call options are visible only above. Also, in the profile, users will also see a separate category named Name, About and Phone.

This update has been released for the beta version 2.19.45. It is worth noting that earlier, WhatsApp introduced the feature on iOS, through which iPhones and iPad users can now secure their chats with face ID or touch ID.

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