What is TRP? How TRP Ratings are Determined?

What is TRP?

If you watch TV then you have heard about TRP. If not, then this post is for you, because here I am telling about the Television Rating Point in detail. In this post, you will get full information about the TRP. So let’s know, what is TRP – what is TRP

The Kapil Sharma Show is currently getting the most headlines. This TV serial is on number one in the Top 10 TRP TV Shows. Many other TV channels have lived on the top.

You must have heard of TRP while watching TV. But in this post, you have TRP, what is the importance of TRP, what is TRP, how does TRP calculate? All of this will get information.

What is TRP?

the full form of TRP is Television Rating Point, that is, the television rating point is called TRP.

TRP is an instrument or tool by which it is detected which program or TV channel is most viewed on TV.

It is estimated that a news channel or a program or entertainment channel is such fame and how many people like it, it shows people’s choice.

In India, there is an agency called Indian Television Audience Measurement India which estimates the TRP of TV channels.

This agency checks the frequency of different TVs and finds out which time the TV channel is the most viewed. In the same way, this company estimates the famous serials of the whole country by describing several thousand frequencies.

This helps to understand the popularity of any program or channel, and it is easy to know which channel is most viewed.

The more people who will see the channel, the longer the channel will be seen, the higher the TRP. The TRPs benefit from the advertisers and they are easy to find in order to add them.

How does the TRP rating go?

Indian Television Audience Measurement Agency of India examines the frequency of different frequencies to find out which channel is viewed more often than it shows how much the channel is more popular.

The agency estimates the number of popular TV channels across the country, by describing several thousand frequencies in this way. The agency uses a special type of gadget to measure TRP.

The device measuring the TRP is called the People Meter. The habits of people watching TV with 20-meter help are monitored.

In order to measure the TRP, the “Peeper meter” is applied to certain fixed places, which, through a frequency, detects which serial is being seen and how many times it is being seen.

Every minute connected to TV from this meter is sent to the Indian Television Audience Measurement Agency via the monitoring team. After getting this information, the team decides which TRP is the highest of which channel.

According to the Television Rating Point (TRP), the list of most popular channels is made and then according to the weekly or month wise, the data of the top 10 TRP TV serial, the channel is made public.

In today’s time, only INTAM (Indian Television Audience Measurement) is the only agency that works for measuring TRP. Thus the TRP is calculated.

What is the significance of TRP?

TRP is given so much importance because it relates to direct channel earnings. The TRP of the channel which sees the low audience falls and the advertisements get less.

T.R.P. Most are important for advertisers. Because of this, it is easy for them to know which channel to add them to the maximum benefit.

T.R. P. Data is very useful for advertisers. Every advertiser likes to advertise on the highest TRP channel because it gives him more audience.

The more TRP the channel receives, the more contracts they get and the more they earn. The more TRPs of learning, the more they will be earning.

That’s why everyone is engaged in raising the TRP of their channel and trying to bring their stage in Harsh. This is the benefit of both artists and channel owners working on the channel.

How do TV channels check the TRP?

“Pepper meter” is used to check TV Serial and Channel’s TRP. This meter detects the specific frequency by which the channel is being viewed.

People’s Meters give people 1-minute information on Television, to the Monitoring Team (Indian Television Audience Measurement).

To find TRP, you are asked to set up a setup box in your television or dish. The TRP is calculated through this setup box.

After that, the INTAM team does what the channel’s serial TRP is. Let me tell you about some top TRP TV channels here.

How is the income of TRPs TV channel?

See 1-2 minutes of ads in the middle while watching the channel on TV These are the channels of TV channel earning. Most TV channels are the only advertising advertisements.

Advertisers give crores of rupees to show their advertisement on TV channels to promote their company, product, and service.

Now the TV channel which has the highest TRP means that most people will see it. That’s why advertisers prefer to advertise on most TRP channels.

With this, their ad reaches the maximum number of people and they get more benefits. The higher the channel’s TRP, the more money the advertiser pays to show the ad.

Whichever TV channels are Sony, Star Plus, Zee TV, Colors and NDTV, till today, news channels such as India TV and all other TV channels earn money through advertising.

What impact does having TV channel TRP be less?

With the TRP of any TV channel given program being less, the direct impact falls on its income. Whether the channel will be reduced when the pickup is reduced, the channel will benefit if the TRP is high.

We can understand this from this example; Suppose 5 artists work on a TV channel giving them 10-10 lakh rupees annually and the remaining cost comes to 10 lakh rupees.

Now if that channel has more TRPs and advertisers are paying 10 million ads on that channel, then the channel owners save 4 million by reducing the salary of 5 people to 10 × 5 = 50 and 10 expenses.

Now if the TRP of that channel falls down, then the advertiser will stop paying it on it, then your employer has to pay the cost of the trick and the people who work will have to pay their pockets.

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