What is sitemap?

On page SEO, a very important role is in Sitemap. But the first question that comes to mind is that what is a sitemap?

When doing search engine optimization, we submit the sitemap of your site to search engines. Doing this will improve the website’s organic ranking.

Sitemap is an .xml file. It contains all the information about our website.

Such as how many pages and posts are on the website, images, and other media files, etc.

It gives all the information on the Sitemaps website to Search Engine.

So when the search engine crawlers come in, they should not have any problem in collecting the information from the website.

  • What Is SiteMap?

There is a lot of colonies in the city. You should be told to collect all the colonies’ data.

The Entrance of colony-A is mapped, which gives all the information about the colony to you.

Like what is said building? What is the location of the park? e.t.c

There is no map/map on colony-B.

When you collect your data, the data of colony-A will be collected quickly and will be more accurate. Because of that map, you get to know the layout of that colony very well.

Because of the map, you can understand the layout of colony-A very well.

  • In this example-

City is internet
The colony is – your website
Map of the colony – Your website’s Sitemap
Buildings – website posts, pages, etc.
You – Search Engine’s Crawler

I hope this example has cleared that sitemap.

Google defines a sitemap in its documents like this: “A sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to Google and other search engines. ”

  • In simple words,

A sitemap is our website map. That helps Google collect all the data from the website.

There is something like this appearing in the Sitemap. This is the sitemap of my website.

There are many steps to follow on on-page optimization. Sitemaps are also one of those steps.

As point

  • Why is it important to create a Sitemap

So Google crawlers easily collect all the information from our website.
All our pages will be indexed in Google.
And our site has an organic ranking index.
Sitemaps for new websites and blogs are very beneficial.

There are not many backlinks on new websites, so for search engines, it is not easy to find all the pages of a new website.

But with the help of sitemap, the search engines know all the information about our website better.

As point

  • How to create a Sitemap?

If your website is built on WordPress then this tutorial will help you.

How to create a sitemap in WordPress. 3 steps  tutorial

And if your website is not built on WordPress then this tutorial lets you learn how to create a sitemap and submit it to Google.

How to create a non-WordPress website sitemap?

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