What is SEO? All About In English

SEO’s full form is Search Engine Optimization. Which is directly related to the search engine. so One way to get your website to the top in the search engine is to have rules so that our website can increase traffic. If you follow these rules then your website is shown on the first page on Google.

Bringing the website to the first page is important because most people like to visit the website on the first page and for that, we have to follow Seo.

That’s why we have to do our search engine optimization to get our website to the first page. Which has a traffic increase on our website?

Increasing traffic on websites increases our online earning. Also, the value of the website increases in the search engine, which increases the ranking of the website.

For example – Search engine optimization is exactly like the traffic rules. Like a roadmap, we need to run the traffic smoothly, so that people do not face any problem and they can quickly get to their destination by choosing their right path.

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Similarly, Seo is also a search engine Traffic Rules. So that when someone searches on anything and quickly find the right information. For this, there is a roadmap of a search engine called Seo (Search Engine Optimization).

Seo and traffic rule both work for the logo. So that our journey is good. As if you search for “what is SEO” but whatever results come about it, you have to search again and again, which means that your journey and user experience are bad.

That’s why the Google search engine uses the Seo factor to increase its user experience so that their users can provide fast and accurate information.

Every search engine has its own SEO factor. Google is the largest search engine in today’s time, which is the most used in the whole world. google works on about 200 Seo factor

If you want to understand Seo in one line then you know that Google likes the same content as the user who likes to read. Which goes to the content itself first page. And if you do not like it then slowly goes down. This is the most important factor in Google SEO.

First of all, it is very important for you to know what is the search engine.

One such search engine is an algorithm that gives us the right information about the information we have searched on the internet, for this, it fastly crawls, index and rank the information contained in our database, which is called SNRP. Seo has a very large role to bring any page to the top in the search result. Like google, yahoo, bing is all this search engine.

SERP- When you search in any search engine like what is Seo Hindi then the list which comes next is called SERP.

In today’s times, the google search engine is the most popular because if we have to search anything we use google search engine. 70 Percent of people in the world use google.

Do you know when you search anything on google then google uses 200 factors to give you the best result which is in accordance with these parameters of article google, it shows you on Google’s first page. Which can get you the right information?

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Find out which search engine
Like if you search “what is SEO” then the search engine already brings a crawl and indexed ranking item to you. Which bots of search engine and spider continuously make their ranking form by indexing 24 hours crawl and index. And as soon as you search something, it appears on the search engine Result Page (SERP).

By the way, all the search engines work differently technic. But every search engine works in three steps.

1. Crawling
2. Indexing
3. Ranking

Now you must have understood what the search engine is and how it works. So now you will be able to understand the search engine optimize.

Type of Search Engine Optimization
1. On page Seo
2. Off-page

There are two important factors of search engine optimization. First of all, we talk about on page Seo because it is the most important factor to increase organic traffic on this website.

According to the search engine optimize your website, the work that is done on it is called on page SEO.

Doing this increases your organic traffic. As you know The keyword search on google is called organic traffic.

On page SEO, there are lots of factors that help you to optimize your website on page. We are going to tell you about some common factor.

♦ website design

♦ website speed

♦ Website Structure

♦ Website Favicon

♦ Mobile-friendly website

♦ Title Tag

♦ Meta Description

♦ Keyword Density

Image Alt Tag

♦ URL Structure

♦ Internal Links

♦ Highlight Important Keyword

♦ Use Heading Tag

♦ Post-Good Length

♦ Google Sitemap

♦ Check Broken Links

♦ SEO Friendly URL

♦ Google Analytics

♦ Social Media Button

♦ HTML Page Size

♦ Clear Page Cache

♦ Website security HTTPS etc

Off Page Seo
To rank your website and post in the search engine, promoting its link on the Internet off is called Page SEO.

When your post is promoted and shared on the Internet, then it gets some signal to the search engine. Which is the search engine that increments the rank of that post?

There are lots of ways to do Off-Page SEO. With the help of which you can increase your website’s Traffic by increasing your post’s ranking. We are telling you how to do some off Page.

1.Social Networking Site

♦ Facebook
♦ Facebook page
♦ Facebook group
♦ Twitter
♦ Google plus etc

2.Social Bookmarking Site

♦ Tumblr
♦ Pinterest
♦ Diggo
♦ Digg
♦ Linkedin
♦ reddit
♦ Stumbleupon
♦ Delicious etc

3.Guest Posting

4.Forum Posting

5.Blog Commenting

6.Blog Directory Submission

7.Search Engine Submission

8.Classified site Submission Site

9.Video Sharing site

10.Photo Sharing site

11.Question and Answering Site

Type of Seo Techniques

♦ White hat SEO
♦ Black hat SEO
Seo Techniques also have two types. It is very important for you to understand. If you do not understand them, instead of increasing traffic, you damage your website.

White hat SEO

When you search engine optimization and link building from natural way to your website, it is called white hat SEO. India’s Best Hindi Blog and Blogger use this technique, it is very good for your website. With increasing website value, traffic also increases.

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