What is SaveYourInternet, Article 11 and Article 13?

What is Article 11 and Article 13? It is important to know Article 11 and 13. But, do you know who the article is? The information that has been published on this blog is also an article. Along with that Law is also called Article Article. Article 11 and 13 here means Section 11 and 13 of the law. This is stated in the copyrights. So far, many people were working online to copy the content copy of anyone, which is very wrong. Nobody should give up his name for hard work.

Article 11 and Article 13 

Some important things have been said in Europe about this online copyright material. There can be many changes in the online world. It is promoted by anybody using the creative on social media, but the creator does not want to use his creation anymore. Now the social media profile is also monetizing. Now you can make money by uploading media on social media too. After the release of the first film, producer, director, producer got to see the money. But today as soon as the trailer is released, it gets millions of views on several social media. Thereby earning millions in earnings. Before this, a post has been published, how to earn money by uploading videos on Facebook?

Why is Article 13?

This is mentioned in this law. Users upload any media files like photos, videos, audio, document files to any social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube on these platforms. According to Article 13, Platform Copyright Material does not upload.
The copyright material is not in any content, it is the responsibility of the platform.
This is a very big task for any social media platform. In such a way, YouTube had made some updates about it a few days ago, so many new old creators were upset.
If copyright material is uploaded to a social media then the platform will not get the constructor but rather the platform.

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Because only the creator is not making money from any social platform. Rather, the platform is making more money than the Creator.
If you talk about YouTube, it holds the creator 55% and owns 45%.
It may take two years for the law to be implemented properly. Because any such copyrighted material cannot be systematically designed to detect. Because new online creators are coming online every day. Everyone has to give different IDs.
If this law has been implemented properly, then the content in which the copyright material has to be removed will have to be uploaded and uploaded again.
By the way, it is still on YouTube you cannot do anybody’s content. If you do, then the earnings will go to the content creator. But, if he does not want his content to be used somewhere else, then he can also delete the video.
This will be even more difficult in the coming time.
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Article 11

Article 11 has spoken of text content.
Text content contains PDF, PPT, or all other text documents.
Some creators publish books written by anyone, only by publishing them online.
There is a website where a PDF copy of Lucent GK is available.
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Article 13 in India

According to the Indian Penal Code Article, 13 is not in copyright. Rather, here it is said about the basic rights.
If this law applies in India then any other article will be told.
There are several such YouTube channels in which the creators are publishing content with someone else’s audio video and making good views and money.
What will happen if it is taken from a channel running in European countries?
Indian editors are mostly making a video in Hindi.
If you are also making a video in English then it becomes globally public after publishing.
Since there is no country in the world where residents of Indian origin do not live.
This means that there are almost all the people who speak and understand Hindi.
Apart from this, there are some YouTube creators who live outside of India but are making a video in Hindi.
You will also see their names and channels.
Some of the creators are making a video out of India, making videos for the Indian, just like some creators are making a video for those who are staying in India.
According to Article 13, copyright content should not be uploaded. It has now been implemented for European countries. But, when any content is published then it will be public for European countries too.
In such a situation, YouTube will use any filter, which will prevent it from publishing copyrighted content or will not see such content in European countries.
But it would not be fair to do so, that means that the copyrighted content will not allow the publication itself.
Here are two options in front of YouTube and Facebook.
YouTube and Facebook will lock the video in European countries. Which is not possible. Because this is what bloggers, YouTubers, and Influencers who are working for the outside countries, may have to face a lot of trouble.
In such a situation, they have to put a filter that does not upload copyright material.
Indian bloggers target countries outside because the currency of that currency is higher than in India. There is good CPC available.

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What Is SaveYourInternet?

SaveYourInternet means if YouTube had to delete the copyright video and your favorite video was not found on YouTube. That’s why do not publish a # tag copyrighted material on YouTube. This will ruin your internet.
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The benefit of Article 11 and 13

  • This will benefit Genuine Creators.
  • This will solve the problem of copyright.
  • There will be no financial loss to the brand.
  • Nobody will be able to misuse anyone’s video.
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Loss of Articles 11 and 13

There is bad news for those who use copyrighted content.
Such creators who mix different individual videos and upload a new video on their channel, which would get great views and money. After the arrival of the new law, honesty has to be done. But when Article 11 and 13 come, it will also break.


Its conclusion is that in a line, YouTube will not block the country. It clearly shows that copyrighted content will not be allowed to be uploaded.
That’s why upload your own video content. You can learn from someone’s video but uploading his videos on your channel is not right.
After getting three copyright claims in India, YouTube either suspends the channel or closes monetize.
This will end the risk of getting a copyright claim.
By doing this, most of the trouble will come to Prank, Comedy or the channel which uses the video and music of others.
Now the channel is closed after three copyright. However, after the article 11 and 13 are implanted, this problem will also be resolved.

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