What is Dream11 and how to earn money from it?

Do you know what is Dream11? How did Dream11 play? How to earn money from Dream11?

If you are fond of watching cricket matches then you will know about Dream11 App. You will also see Mahendra Singh Dhoni doing this as an add-on.

Today in this post we are going to give you complete information on Dream 11. In this post, you will find the answer to every question related to Dream Elven.

First of all, we will know what is Dream11? So that you can understand everything correctly.

What is Dream11?

Dream11 is a game that allows users to make money by playing fantasy sports games (cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and basketball).

Its company started in 2012 and now it became the first Indian gaming company to enter “Unicorn Club” in 2019.

Dream11 has now become the most popular online cricket game in India. So far, it has joined more than 50 million people and its popularity is increasing every day.

Dream11’s website and mobile app are both available. Users can start playing games by signing up for them.

How to earn money from Dream11?

You can earn millions of rupees by playing Dream11 game. First of All, you have to do is create your team by creating an account on Dream11.

If You want to earn money from Dream11, you only have to do 2 things.

Creating an account on Dream11
Making your team on Dream11
After that, if your team’s players perform well and your team wins, then you can win a cash prize of up to Rs 25000.

Here I will give you Dream 11 seize money, dream11 par account, Dream11 par 100 rupees free bonus, Dream11 team is working, Dream11 is pointing to the system? I am telling everyone about this from detail.

How to Register on Dream11?

Creating an account on Dream11 is very easy. You can signup on Dream11 through your mobile number, email id, Google account or Facebook account.

Follow the following steps to sign up on Dream 11.

step 1:

First of all, you must Download and install Dream11 app on your phone. You will not find this app on Google Play Store, you can download it directly from the link below.

Step 2:

After downloading Dream11 application, open this app in your phone.

Now click on the “Have a Referral Code” option in the bottom left side.

Step 3:

Now here you have to fill your registration details and create your account.

Mobile Number: Here you have to type your mobile number.
Email: You have to write your email address here.
Password: Here you have to set the password for your Dream11 Account.
Register: Finally register click on the register button.

Step 4:

Now your mobile number will have an OTP password message. After you submit your OTP password, you will get a free bonus of Rs 100.

How to get a free bonus of Dream11 ₹ 100?

If you do not use this promo code then you will not get any bonus. If you have already downloaded the dream11 app you can use this promo code.

For this, you open the Dream 11 app and follow the following steps.

Click on your profile photo in the top left.

Now click on My Rewards & Offers.

Then click the Get Coupons button.

Now Have a Coupon Code? Click on

Then ADMINQ10JK enter this code.

Finally, click on the Apply Code option.

You will now get a free credit bonus of ₹ 100. In this way, you can get a free bonus of Rs 100 by using our referral code.

How did Dream11 gameplay?

To play Dream11 game you must first create your team. You get 100 credit points while creating Dream11 team, you have to take care of them.

You must select 11 players from both teams and make your team. All the players have different points, the more the player becomes valuable, the more points they will be.

You have to build a team, taking care of these credit points. Suppose you are taking Virat Kohli in your team and the price is 11 point, you now have 100-11 = 89 points.

You have to choose the remaining 10 players in these points. Overall, you have to select 11 players in 100 points. You have to pick the same players who are playing.

Which player is playing and which is not? It is very easy to know. When the match starts, then 10-20 minutes before it comes the name of Playing and Not Playing under the name of the player.

Apart from this, you can also get information about the match on the Cricbuzz.com website. On this site also, about 10 to 20 minutes before the players are told about which players are playing.

Let me tell you how to choose a team on dream11.

How to make Dream11 Team?

Making team at Dream11 is very easy. For this, first of all, you need to login to dream11’s app or website. After login on the Dream11 app, click any one in Upcoming Matches.

Now here you have to select players in Wicket Keeper, Batsman, All Rounder and Bowler i.e. 4 categories. After that, the captain and vice-captain will have to choose.

Wicket Keeper: First you have to select 1 wicketkeeper for your team. You can choose from the wicket-keeper players who are good at both of them.
Batsman: Right now you have to take 3-5 batsmen for your team. You can choose the best batsmen from both the teams.
All-rounder: You can pick up 1-3 players in the all-rounder. Now both of the teams can choose all-rounder of their choice.
Bowler: You can choose at least three and more than 5 bowlers in bowling. You have to choose good balls by looking at both the teams’ bowlers.
After choosing your team, you have to choose Captain & Voice-captain for your team according to your liking. Remember the captain’s doubling and vice-captain’s dead gun points are found.

Here in the screenshots, you can see the entire team, Players’ Point, Captain, and Vice Captain.

Let me tell you how and how many points get on the performance of players in the dream11 game.

How do the Points meet in Dream11?

To play Dream11 games, it is very important to understand that how does dream11 fantasy point system work? Here I am telling you about the Dream 11 point system by explaining it well.

Batting Point System:
1. Run: +0.5

If one of your players is running the run, then you get halfway from 1 run. Meaning you get 0.50 point.

2. Boundary Bonus: +0.5

If any of your players beat you, then you will get 0.50 point extra. Meaning you will get points of runs, along with the boundary points will be found separately.

3. Six Bonus: +1

If you have a player hit six, you get 1 point extra.

4. Half-century Bonus: +4

If one of your players hits half a century, then you get 4 bonus points separately.

Century Bonus: +8

If one of your players makes a century, then you get 8 points in its extra bonus.

6. Dismissal for a duck: -2

If your batsman gets out without facing a single ball (which usually comes out of the non-striker’s end, but runs out of stumped or wide delivery.) That means I was reduced to 2 points minus Are.

Bowling Point System:
1. Wicket: +10

If one of your players takes 1 wicket then you get 10 points.

2. 4 wicket haul bonus: +4

If your player takes 4 wickets, then you will get 4 points apart.

3. 5 Wicket haul bonus: +8

If your player takes 5 wickets, then you will get 8 points separately.

4. Maiden over: +4

If any of your players remove Maiden O. i.e. that does not give any runs in one over, then you get 4 points extra.

Fielding Point System:
1. Catch: +4

If any of your players grabs the catch, then you get 4 point extra.

2. Stumping / Runout: +6

If your wicketkeeper stumps or lets a player run straight out, then you get 6 points.

3. Run-out: +6 (+4 thrower, +2 catcher)

If two players run out a player then 4 points of throwing the throw and 2 points of the catcher get extra.

Economy Rate Point System:
1. Below 4 runs per over: +3

If your bowler is giving 2 to 4 runs in an over, then you get 3 points extra.

2. Between 4-4.99 runs per over: +2

If your bowler is giving 4 to 5 runs in an over, then you get 2 point extras.

3. Between 5-6 runs per over: +1

If any of your bowlers are giving 5-6 runs in an over, then you get 1 point extra.

4. Between 9-10 runs per over: -1

If one of your bowlers is giving 9 to 10 runs in another, then -1 point in his points will be reduced.

5. Between 10.1-11 runs per over: -2

If your bowler is giving 10 to 11 runs in one over, then points will be cut by 2 points.

6. Above 11 runs per over: -3

If your bowler is giving more than 11 runs in an over, then his points will lose -3 points.

Strike Rate (Except Bowler):
1. Between 60-70 runs per 100 balls: -1

If one of your players is playing 60 to 70 runs on 100 balls, then your player’s 1 point will be deducted.

2. Between 50-59.9 runs per 100 balls: -2

If any of your players are playing 51 to 59 runs on 100 balls, then 2 points will be reduced in their points.

3. Between 50 runs per 100 balls: -3

If your player is playing a 50-run innings on 100 balls, then -3 points will be reduced from his points.

Others (other):
Captain gets 2x and Voice-captain 1.5x and start 11 +2 points. Let me tell you in a little detail.

If one of your players is running the run and it is your captain, then you will get double of 0.50 point i.e. 1 point. If a player takes 1 wicket and he is your captain then you will get 20 points extra for his 10 points.

Likewise, if one of your players is running and he is your vice-captain, then you get one-third of 0.50 point 0.75 points.



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