What is a Paytm Credit Card and how to use it?

E-commerce payment system and digital wallet company PayTM recently launched the PayTM Credit Card on May 14, 2019, which is named “PayTM First Credit Card”. Digital Payment App Patiali, led by Vijay Shekhar Sharma, is offering this facility in conjunction with Citibank. So let’s know what is a Petty Credit Card and how to use it? What is PayTM Credit Card?

Paytm Company claims that unlimited 1% cashback will be given with this card and no additional charge will be charged on this petty credit card.

Sharmaji tweeted Monday (May 13th, 2019) and said that “Paytm First Credit Card is made in conjunction with Citibank and it will run through the Visa Payment Network”

That is why it will also be branding Citibank and Visa along with Patmi. Now let me tell you what is the Paytm Credit Card?

What is PayTM Credit Card?

The PayTM First Card is a Credit Card available for PayTM Customers. Its name is “Paytm First Credit Card”.

PayTM has teamed up with City Bank. This credit card will work through the VISA payment network. This credit card is made primarily by PetiM for its customers.

The debit card pre-payTM could only be used in India. But you can use this credit card in the whole world countries including India.

PayTM Customer can get this card by applying online for the card through the Paytm App in your smartphone.

The company claims that it will offer an unlimited 1% cash back with this card and also will not take any extra charge for the card.

Users can shop through this card without any Extra Fees & Charges, pay bills, make money transfers and many other things.

How to use Paytm Credit Card?

The PayTM credit card is similar to the branded credit card that uses the Visa Network for “Retailer and Airlines” transactions.

To use a PayTM credit card, first, you have to apply for this card. You can apply for a Paytm Credit Card through Paytm App.

You can use it after you receive a Paytm Credit Card in the same way you use a credit card with other visa networks.

You can use Paytm Credit Card in both online and offline ways. You can use your credit card to pay in any merchant establishment who accept VISA Card.

All features of this card will also be available on the Petty App. You can also get complete information about the Paytm Credit Card statement on the Petty App.

Features of PayTM Credit Card (PayTM Credit Card Features and Benefits)
Below are the characteristics and advantages of Petty Click Card.

PettyM Company claims that it will offer a 1% cashback offer to all its customers every time shopping through this credit card, which will be credited to the credit card after shopping.

If a customer purchases at least ₹ 10000 shopping within 4 months of receiving a Petty Credit Card, then it will be given a promo code of Rs 10,000 from the Petty Credit Card.

The joining fee of PayTM credit card is ₹ 500 per year, but if a customer spends more than Rs 50,000 in 1 year then he will not have to pay a charge of ₹ 500.

You can also make payments made by Paytm Credit Card through EMI. Apart from this, discounts on food and travel will also be available.

With the help of this card, the cardholder will also be able to check the eligibility of taking his loan and also apply for a loan.

To learn about other features of PayTM credit card, you can read our article.
In this article, we have mentioned the essential things of Paytm. Who will tell you everything about Petty Credit Card?

PayTM Credit Card FAQs

There are so many questions about users on Platinum  First Credit Card. Petty wants to know about the credit card why he should take it and how he will benefit from it.

Here I am telling you the answer to the questions related to Pattern Record.

1. What is PETImFirst Card?

Paytm is the first card credit card that is made for PetiM customers. You can use this card for shopping abroad including India.

2. How to get Patio Credit Card?

You can apply for Petty Credit Card through your mobile app through the PetyMe. This feature is only available in the latest version of the Petty App.

3. How to use Petty Credit Card?

You can use Petty Credit Card in both offline and online ways. You can pay through this card to all the merchant establishments, which supports Visa card.

4. What are the benefits of using Petty Credit Card?

Paytm First Credit Card offers many benefits to customers. Such as auto processing facility, points, 1% cashback, etc.

5. Where will you find the letter card of Paytm Credit Card?

You can view the Patiali credit card statement in the Petty Credit Card Passbook on the Petty App. You can also view the statement by logging in to the Citibank website online.

6. How much is the annual fee for Paytm Credit Card?

The annual fee for PetiMe Credit Card is ₹500. But if you spend more than Rs 50,000 in 1 year then you will not have to pay this fee.

7. What should I do if I lose a card or stolen credit card?

If your pet’s first credit card is lost or stolen or lost, you can log on to the Citizen’s website online and report that the factory is stolen in the request section.

Click here to read the PayTM First Credit Card Terms and Conditions, PayTM Credit Card Terms & Conditions.


In this post we have a paytm credit card, how to use Petty Credit Card, details of Paytm Credit Card and questions about Petty Credit Card related questions and answers.

Hope you like the information and now you know everything about Petty Credit Card. It will be easier for you to use it now.

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