To Improve Top 16 Off Page SEO Technics Search Rankings for WordPress Sites

What is Off Page Seo?

In this post, we will learn about Off Page SEO Techniques, which can improve website ranking in Search Engine.

As “Off Page Seo“, it is known as the name itself, which is to search engine optimization outside the page. Off Page Seo techniques like On Page SEO also refer to such techniques. Which is used to improve the position and ranking of a website or blog on the search engine’s results page. Many people consider “link building” as the only off Page Seo techniques, but not so. In general, the search engine results page is a good place to advertise and promote the website under Off Page Seo techniques.

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On Page SEO is referring to the things in which we use the page for better ranking in the search engine by focus keywords, meta tags, permalinks, post titles, etc. But Off Page Seo techniques is referred to by all the birds, which we have to improve the position and ranking of the website in search engine results page (SERP) through social networking, link building, social bookmarking, article submissions etc. We do.

Top Off Page SEO Techniques For WordPress Website

SEO is a huge concerto behind the success of any website or blog, because without successful SEO, we will not be able to hit our blog or website. Therefore, this is the reason why all the websites and blogs want to come to the front page of Google Search Result, but without Search Engine Optimization, it is not possible.

And through all these links people come to our site.

6. Blog Directory Submission

In the beginning, it is very difficult for any new blog to get more viewers. In this way we can submit our blog post to different blog directory sites. like,

  1. Boingboing
  2. 1 ABC
  3. AAF14
  4. Network Hosts Blogs
  5. A1 Web Directory
  6. Blogtop sites
    Backlinks are received from the directory submission, which is good for our blog. This backlink helps in getting more traffic and ranking. Along with this, the new audience also connects to our blog. When submitting the directory, select a correct directory and category, then submit it only. Therefore, Blog Directory Submission as Off Page Seo techniques works just like social bookmarking.

7. Blog Commenting

Off Page Seo techniques
You can post your comments by visiting another blog that is similar to yours. The advantage of this is that in the comment section only one place to add links to the website. There you can post the link to your blog. And through this link, visitors of that blog also come to your blog, increasing traffic to the site.

The link to the website of your comment section is also crawled by Search Engine. Which helps point to your site. Therefore, you can post your comment, with a link to the blog, on the pre-popup blog or on the question-answer site.

8. Link Swap

Link exchange or exchange of links as Off Page Seo techniques is a popular means of advertising and promotion of your website and blog. Where we share the link of our blog with someone else’s similar blog. If you write a unique and best content for your site, then many people want to link it to your blog. And this is the beginning of link swap.

If you put any other blog’s content as a copy or link in your blog Then put that blog’s instructions below that this content has been taken from this blog. Also get permission from the owner of that submitted blog as well. You can also insert the contents of your blog into a similar content link. So through this process you can increase the popularity of your main link or blog.

9. Article Submission

When writing an article for your blog, submit it to the popular article submissions site. This is also a great way to promote your article and blog. Before collecting all these sites, your content must be custom and unique. The contents of the content that have not been corrected are also disallowed. When submitting, select the content of the content and give a good name. Article Submission Site-

  • Diffibrary
  • Articles Factories
  • SuperArticles
  • Redesearch archive
  • Articles Lash

10. Documents sharing

Off Page Seo techniques
Through document sharing, we can also promote and advertise our site or blog. Create a solid and engaging content or article related to your site and blog, and convert it to PDF, as a document, with major documents sharing site like,

  • Google Docs
  • Dropbox
  • Scribbled
  • Isu
  • Slideshare
  • Share on etc. This will increase the traffic and traffic of the blog free. New people will go to this site and blog.

11. Guest Posting for Off Seo Seo Techniques
Off Page Seo techniques
Guest posting means writing posts and articles for another site or blog. Suppose a popular site or blog requires a lot of post and article, and its owner wants a writer to write and post an article for his blog. So you can be appointed as a guest writer for this.

It is important for a website or blog where you write as a Guest Writer. It should be a special and popular site. At the same time, it should also be well ranked.

Back posting as Off Page Seo Techniques offers backlinks from guest posting. Due to writing for others, people are familiar with you and your site or blog. Which helps improve the rankings for any blog and bring more people to the blog.

12. Photo Sharing Sites

Photo sharing sites are also very important for Off Page Seo techniques. The unique photo we use in our article and post, will be the main photo sharing site like,

  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Picasa
  • Tumbler
  • Imgur
    Etc. When you share photos on these sites, you also add your blog or website’s URL link. Along with this, also use title tags, photo details, alt text.

This will happen when someone downloads or shares your photo, your blog’s URL link will also be visible. Therefore, there will be more chances of clicking on this link, which will help both the site’s ranking and advertising. In this way we can say that photo sharing sites are also helpful in making our blog successful.

13. Video Submission

Just like photo sharing, if you have created a video for your blog, then

  • Youtube
  • NetFlix
  • Vimeo
  • Delimitation
  • Wine
    Etc. You can submit to the site. Sharing this video will also help in the promotion and advertising of your blog and website. Therefore, the blog also allows people to blog
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