Now you can take blood without the taste of chicken and mutton! Learn how

Before reading this news, you will be wondering how can you take the chicken and mutton without fun. But this is the perfect news. Now you can enjoy the chicken and mutton without killing the animals and killing the animals. The first Laboratory Meet Project has started in the country. Hyderabad-based Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology and the National Research Center on Meet will produce ‘Ahimsa Meet’

The initial funding of Rs.45 crore has been done by the Department of Biotechnology.

  • -With the help of scientific mutton and chicken stem cells

There will be no need to raise animals for cutting and cutting them.

According to CCMB scientists, this meat will be equivalent to animal meat in terms of nutritiousness.

There will be no difference in taste, smell, and appearance.
Experts said that this technology does not need to follow the animals to produce meat in the lab and then kill them.

It will also help in the welfare of animals with food security.

  • – India is included in select countries, where the government is funding for fat-free bonus meat production.
  • – During a summit on Future of Protein and Food Technology in August 2018, Union Minister Maneka Gandhi had advised CCMB to produce a serial scale of cell-based nonviolence meat in the next 5 years.
  • -CCMB Director Rakesh Mishra said on Thursday that the institute will develop technology to take the laboratory cell culture process to the cell-based meat production so that it can be used at the industrial level.

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