How to Submit a Blog to Search Engine SEO Tips For New Bloggers

 How to submit it to the search engine for Organic Traffic on the blog? Blogger’s heart is always thinking about setting up a blog. Because without the comment on traffic and blog posts it seems like singing a song in a hall is singing, but there is no one to hear it. This is what happens at the beginning of blogging. Blogger constantly publishes and shares new old posts. However, no feedback is available on the reader and his post. In such a case, he also makes a mind to leave blogging. Many new bloggers have also received comments. I have already published 10 posts. But, no page views are available yet, what to do? Want to share a comment from the blog post below the screen shortcode. But it will take time to find that comment

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Search Engine Blog Submission

New bloggers with no comments and views on their blog posts. This article is written for them only. Anyways, there is a lot of traffic on the blog, it also needs traffic. But the new blogger has the most traffic needs. The new blog has to do SEO for traffic and SEO’s first chapter is Search Engine Submission. Only Search Engine Submission can get good traffic. Read this post to learn how to submit search engine submission. If there is any question or problem then definitely ask in the comment.

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Blog Submit in Search Engine

Before knowing this, it is important to know the search engine’s list of search engines on the internet. Top 5 Best Search Engine for SEO Anyone who wants to submit a blog to any search engine. Make a list of them and log in to the website’s home directory with Cpanel or FileZilla. Below is the information provided to submit a website to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex. Other than this, if you want to submit to any other search engine, you can do it in this manner.

  • Submit Blog in Google Search Engine

To submit a blog to Google Search Engine, log in to Google Webmaster or to open this URL. Here’s login on the right side. Click here to log in with Google Webmaster from Gmail ID. If not the Gmail Id, then first create the Gmail ID.

Google Webmaster is also called Google Search Console, as soon as you log in here, you will see the option of Add Property in the Left Side. If there is a website already seen before, this means that the website has already been added to the search console before. The screen shortcode below has been shared. There is also a website add in it, so clicking on the website you see will open the drop-down menu and the option of Add Property will appear. Which is visible in the screen shortcode below. Click here Add Property Button to add a new blog/website as well.

  • google search console

A new window is open when the Add Property Button is clicked, whose screen shortcode is given below. This screen shortcode has been taken on the day of writing the post. It may be that in the next few days, if Google changes its UI, then the new window that opens the Add Property Click can be designed.

Below the Add Site URL, the URL of the website is typed with  and clicking Continue button below. A new window opens when doing this. Whose screen shortcode is given below. In which the website is asked to link to Google Search Console. Since how will Data Fetch from Google Search Console Website without Verification? This verification is done in many ways. Below is the screen shortcode of everyone.

The first option is to provide an HTML file. Which is to be downloaded and uploaded to the website’s home directory.

Login to Website Cpanel. Public HTML Folder has to upload the code from Google Webmaster.

<meta name = “google-site-verification” content = “fgcHoUcoiEU3poBosFOsBaee8” />
The code has to be written in the head file between <html> </ html>. For this, log in to WordPress and open the Dashboard> Appearance> Edit page. Now select the header.php file and add it to Code Add.

Apart from this, there is some other way to code Verify in Webmaster. But, this is the easiest of two ways and most bloggers adopt this method

This way, the blog can be submitted in Google Search Engine. By submitting a blog to Search Engine / Webmaster, the search engine crawler crawls the site and stores the data in its database. So when a user searches Google, Google sees the site’s list. For more information Search Engine Kaise Kaam Karta hai Read this post.

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  •  Submit Blog in Yahoo, Bing Yandex

Just as the site submitted to Google Webmaster has to submit a blog to Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex too. If there is a problem submitting the blog, then definitely ask in the comment. Create and submit an email to any search engine you are submitting your blog. By submitting a Blog / Website in the Search Engine, Search Engine Boat crawls it and adds whatever new update is made to the website/blog in its database.

Blogger does not know its information at the beginning! And he keeps writing posts constantly but does not get traffic. After losing in the end, he makes up his mind to leave blogging and leaves blogging in a few days. But, if the time is right in blogging, then some money starts getting from the website in three to six months.

  • Conclusion Submit Blog in Search Engine

There are many other search engines like Google. About 80% of internet users use Google only because it is because the name of the search engine comes as people speak Google. There are many questions before starting a blog like


After all this information, when blogging is introduced, one thing is known that blogging definitely gets money, but it should have traffic on the blog. Blogger’s hunger increases and traffic increases as traffic increases. Need more traffic now But there are many such bloggers who do not get traffic even after publishing many posts at the beginning. Due to not submitting the blog to the search engine. That is why if you want organic traffic, then please submit the blog to the search engine.

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