How to rank your blog on Google: Factors effecting Google’s ranking 2019

How to rank your blog on Google – You know why everyone thrives to learn SEO so much, why everyone spends so much on a premium theme, why everyone works hard to make their website fast, why everyone takes time to buy a perfect domain?

All because of ranking, all these competition, all these hard works, all the money spends is for a better ranking in Google’s first page.

If there is so much competition in ranking then the reward must be very high. Of course, yes, if you are a blogger or an SEO expert then you will know the advantages of ranking higher in Google’s first place.

Advantages of higher ranking:

  1. More traffic:-

If your article or your website is ranking than that mean, people are searching about it on Google and they are finding your article or website on their search result page.

The higher your article will rank the more people are going to visit your website. Hence you will get more traffic.

  1. More clicks:-

If your website is AdSense approved then you may know the value of a click on your website.

The more clicks you will get the more revenue you will be able to generate. This is why it is necessary to rank so that your article can be seen and it is clicked on ads.

  1. Higher sales:-

Higher the ranking higher will be sales. If your article is ranking higher in Google’ first pages then visitors are more likely to buy from the first link.

A recent study found that people trust Google search results first link than the second link.

  1. Helps building authority:-

Being on top of search result requires a lot of hard work, but if you once secure that position then you will have to work regularly to be in that position.

Being on that position increases visibility and people visit your page repeatedly, thus it will help you in building authority.


In my previous article, I told you about On-Page SEO and how it will help you in ranking but On-Page SEO is just a factor in ranking you need to do a whole lot of work if you want to rank higher in Google search engine.

Factors affecting Google’s ranking

  1. Domain name:-

The level of your domain matters a lot in Google’s ranking factor the higher the level of your domain the higher will be your ranking.

Not only the level of the domain but your domain’s age also matters a lot. An older domain name usually ranks higher than the newer ones. So if your the page is not ranking then give your page some time it will rank higher as your domain name gets older.

  1. Using the keyword in your domain:-

If your keyword is found on your domain name Google can recognize what your pages are about, and will help you in higher ranking as if someone searches for that keyword Google will think it is the best match for the result and this is why it will show in the first position.

It would be much better if your keyword is n the beginning of your domain as it will be easily visible.

  1. Domain Registration period:-

The period of registration of your domain also matters a lot in ranking factor. It shows seriousness toward your work.

Those who are serious about their website register their domain for a longer period this is why Google uses this as a ranking factor.

The domain name that is registered for a longer period ranks higher i.e. the domain that is bought for 5 years will be shown higher in the ranking than those that are bought for 1-2 years.

  1. Don’t Create a Domain History:-

Changing your domain registrar creates a history, Google uses this as a ranking factor, and a longer domain history put up a negative effect in the eyes of Google.

So whenever you buy a domain make sure you fill all the information correctly and you don’t need to make changes repeatedly.

  1. Exact Match Domain:-

Exact Match Domain or EMD is always given higher priority in the search result. This is why the domain name that matches exactly to your search are shown in the first position

For example, if you search techgamingpoint it will show as its very first result as techgamingpoint is the exact match.

So if your domain name matches exactly to the keyword everyone searches then it is shown in the first position.

  1. Do not Spam:-

If you see something spam you, will ignore it right? Google does the same.

If your page’s domain score is higher than Google will ignore your page even if it has the perfect SEO because it looks spammy and may not even show in the first few pages.

This is why it is necessary not to create spam backlinks or send spam emails to anyone.

  1. SEO:-

If you are, a beginner then let me explain to you about SEO, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means optimizing your article to rank higher in search engine. There are two types of SEO

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Of-Page SEO

Doing on-page SEO refers to optimizing you make directly to the web page that in return helps in higher ranking and Of-Page SEO includes doing things for your web pages such as creating backlinks, social sharing and social bookmarking.

So the better you do your SEO the better your ranking will be. This is why bigger companies invest so much in doing SEO for their websites.

  1. Website Loading Speed:-

If your website takes time to load then people won’t wait for your website to open they will skip your page even if it is in the first position and will go to the second result.

If visitors skip your page without even opening then it will increase your bounce rate which Google hates the most. The higher your sites bounce rate the lower your ranking will be.

For these, you can install an AMP theme (accelerated mobile page) which will increase your website’s loading speed and will attract more visitor’s attention.

Also, use a responsive theme for your website. A responsive theme means which respond well to all kind of devices. So if your theme looks good in desktop but does not respond well in mobile then mobile users will skip your page and will move on to the next result.

  1. Backlinks:-

Backlinks are one of the most important and oldest factors contributing to the Google search result.

No matter how good your articles are if you do not have backlinks then it is impossible for you to rank on Google.

There are two types of backlinks:-

  • Do follow backlinks and
  • No, follow backlinks

It is necessary to keep a balance of both types of backlinks.

One thing you need to keep in mind while making backlinks are you should always make quality backlinks. It is better to have no backlinks than to have bad backlinks.

Because bad backlinks will have a bad effect on your page’s ranking.

  1. Social Sharing:-

Just like SEO, it is important to do SMO (Social Media Optimization) for your pages.

If others are sharing your article on various social media the platform then Google thinks your article is good and ranks it higher in Google.

It is also necessary for you to share your article on various social media platforms just to get better engagements.


Hope you understand why it is necessary to rank on Google’s first page and the steps that you need to follow to secure that position fir your articles. If you work hard, then no one can stop you from ranking not even Google all you have to do is stay focused and keep in mind all these points.



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