How to Get AdSense Approval on new websites

How to Get AdSense Approval on new websites – Hello hope you have a good day. Welcome to my new article and in this article, I will tell you how you can get AdSense approval on your new websites.

You know what taking approval on your website is easy when you have a custom domain like .com, .org, or .online, but to take approval in yours. BlogSpot domain takes time and a lot of patience.


What is AdSense?

AdSense is the best ad network provided and maintained by Google, which helps YouTubers and bloggers to monetize their website or channel and earn money through it, every time someone clicks on the ads that are shown in their website or channel they get the revenue out of it.

This is why everyone works hard to get AdSense approval on his website, the main goal is to get approval for showing ads on his YouTube channel or their blog and start earning from their website.

However, taking approval on a website is not that easy it takes time and a lot of hard work. Even though by working hard on a blog many bloggers fail to take approval on their website and leave blogging thinking that blogging is not for them.

What is BlogSpot?

If you are new to blogging then you may not know what blogging is so let me explain this for you. BlogSpot is a platform through which anyone can make a blog or design and host their website through which they can share their knowledge on Google, Bing, and Yahoo or on any other search engine.

Making a blog is not a tough work but being regular in his or her website and being motivated is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Being a blogger, I realized that this work needs lots of patience and if you do not have patience then it is hard for you to succeed in this field.

In the beginning, everyone is not sure if they can continue blogging or not, or will they be able to get back their money which they are going to invest in making it. This is why they afraid to buy a domain or hosting so they choose to make their blog in BlogSpot rather than WordPress.

Some of the blogger being a student do not have lots of money to invest in his initial stage so they chose to go with. BlogSpot domain. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with it.

Have you ever noticed that if you go to the gym for only 1 day you won’t see the result immediately; you have to go to the gym regularly for at least a month to see the result or the changes in your body.

Just like the gym, blogging also takes time, there will be moments where you will feel de-motivated and will think about leaving blogging.

But let me tell you my story, I watched a few videos and I started blogging with the aim of making money and made my first blog on BlogSpot, after writing 4 to 5 articles within a week I applied for AdSense without making any pages and without adding links to my all my menus and social media icons my blog also had many errors which I ignored.  And after a few days my website got rejected I was so depressed that I also thought about leaving blogging.

But I didn’t, at first, I observed my blog and looked for all the mistakes that I have made, listed them and then I had to delete my blog because I could not find any solution to the errors I was getting.

Then after doing researches, I found all the things we need to do to get AdSense approval on the first time only.

If you are here then you may know how to make a blog or website, so here are the lists of things you need to do to get AdSense approval.

  • Write Quality posts:

You need to have at least 10-15 unique articles of minimum 700-800 words to get approval. But that does not mean you have to write them all in a day or within a week and then apply.

If you do not know how to write a quality post then read it here.

Do not publish copied content your content should not be copied from any other sites you should write all contents for your blog by yourself or you could hire a content writer for that, avoid publishing adult contents, or any other content that is related to hacking, cracking, torrents, etc.

  • Your domain’s age:

Your domain age decides whether you are here just for a short time or you will stay focused and continue for a long time.

This was the first mistake that I made in my first blog; I applied after a few after writing only 5 posts.

Therefore, if you want to take approval you need to give your blog sometime before applying for AdSense, you should wait for at least 1.5 to 2 months before applying.

Many YouTuber shows that how they got approval within 5-10 hours, they are not lying at all they show the time the wait to get approval but they never mention how long they waited before applying for AdSense.

  • Blog beauty:

Have you ever seen a bride, they appoint special makeup artists just for decorating them for one day?

However, your blog is going to be visited by lots of new visitor’s every day this is why you need to decorate your blog just like a bride because the beauty of your blog matters a lot.

Because if your content is good but your website does not look organized they are not going to believe in you and they will leave your site without reading your content.

So take time to modify your blog so that it looks nice and attractive to your reader’s eyes.

  • Remove unnecessary widgets:

I understand widgets are important but adding too much the widget makes your blog congested and it doesn’t look well.

So remove all the widgets that do not add value to your blog and those widgets that do not have any links on them because if you leave them there Google bots are going to think your website is not complete and will not approve you to show ads.

  • Connect to Google webmaster tool:

Webmaster tool helps you in lots of ways, it helps to monitor your growth, find all the errors in your blog, ping Google to crawl your blog fast, and also helps you to know which keyword you are ranking for.

This is why you should connect your blog with Google webmaster after writing your first article.

This will help you to keep you on track and it will make sure your article is visible in Google as fast as possible.

  • Use a responsive theme

A responsive theme does not mean that your theme needs to have high deflexed it means your theme can open in all kind devices clearly.

Make sure your theme is more mobile friendly and looks amazing on all type of mobile phones. Because most of the visitor is going to visit your website from a mobile device.

Therefore, this is why you should choose the best responsive theme for your website.

In addition to that make sure you don’t change your theme regularly, choose a theme and stick with that only.

  • Add necessary Pages

You need to add all the pages like Contact us, Privacy policy, About Us and Disclaimer page just to add the trust factor in eyes of the viewer.

Imagine your website is having a problem then if you do not have a contact us page then your users cannot inform you about the problems they are facing on your website.

Similarly, if you do not have an about us or privacy policy page then users are not going to trust you and so does Google.

So make sure you have all the pages included before applying for AdSense.

  • Messed up Menu and navigation bar

You need to have a clear navigation menu bar so that anyone can easily find it.

Moreover, add links to all of the menus so that when someone clicks on that menu option, they can be easily redirected to that page.

Google even check that is your menu bar is ok or not, have you added all links to it or not, is it easy to navigate or not.

So if Google finds that some of your menu options do not have links on them then Google will disapprove you saying ‘site under construction’.

  • Social follows buttons.

If your site has social follow button more than once then you must add your social profile links to all of them or you can remove the icons from your themes HTML section,
Do not keep unnecessary icons which do not have any links on them which you are thinking of adding later.

  • Have lots of patience

Not every business succeeds in the beginning; everyone fails so if you are afraid of failing then you can never succeed.

Have patience not everyone gets approval in their first time you need to apply repeatedly after fixing all the errors you are getting.

Getting multiple rejections is not a bad thing this will help you make your site the best than the rest.

But you must give your blog some time before re-applying for AdSense.

I think I have mentioned all the things you need to do before applying for AdSense for a new website or for a. BlogSpot domain.
Because it is not about the domain that matters it is all about the content that matters.




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