How to extend blog traffic? 3 Easy & Basic Way

I will tell you in this article How to increase traffic to Blog? We all know if any online business is to be successful. Or earning a lot of money from the internet. So it is important to have organic traffic on your blog.

If you really think The traffic of my blog should increase. So read the post carefully. Actually, there is no secret in the world to increase traffic to blogs. There is only one secret to get traffic on the blog. That is SEO If you understand SEO correctly So no competitor in the world can stop your blog from coming to the top position.

That is why, in today, I will tell you the correct way to increase the traffic of blogs. With which you can easily increase the traffic of blogs So let’s know how to increase traffic to the blog, how to increase traffic to blogs.

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How to Increase Blog Traffic by Page Optimize?

1) Optimize Webpage: – Launch of traffic on our blog is started from the webpage, how do you think? Friends, in fact, there is a difference between a blog and a website, a website receives traffic from the homepage itself. for example, if anyone on YouTube wants to watch the video. So it goes directly to the YouTube homepage, and YouTube gets traffic, but the blog is not so. Our entire site gets traffic from our webpage, for example, you searched on the internet. How to “increase traffic to a blog”, the search engine will show every single blog’s webpage in front of you.

I just want to explain to you that, our total blog gets traffic from a single-single webpage. That’s why, first of all, optimize your webpage. Write your post SEO friendly Only then will your blog post be eligible for high rank. And high rank means organic traffic.

To optimize Post, follow on-page SEO, focus on posting an image, heading, paragraph focus keyword and content writing.

2) Link Building: – To increase the traffic of Blog, it is important to optimize the post. Equally link building is also important. link building is the only way. Which also comes in on-page SEO. And off page SEO also, at the end of the example, when you do internal linking in your webpage. So this type comes on-page. And when you leave the link to your site on any other site. We also call it back-link, it comes in type off-page.

There are also quite types of links in the link. For example, to increase the traffic of blog on the inner link, backlink, broken link, anchor text Vagera-Vagera, you have to focus on just 2 types –

a) Internal link: – When you write an article, you must advertise related to topic 4-5 link in that article. It has considerable advantages. As such, search robot learns about your post early. Second, the visitor is gone to your old post. And the traffic of our blog increases. And the most important internal linking comes from the old post to link juice. And their rankings increase.

b) Backlink: – To increase the traffic of blogs, the most important is backlink, what is Backlink and how to create it. We have already seen this Still try to tell you. The hyperlink of our site is present on any other site and getting traffic from our site through that link, it is called backlink itself. And it happens, when we publish a post. Then GoogleBot’s crawls it. While crawling, he does ANALYSE our webpage properly. Firstly he does scan the page optimization. He sees that this band has optimized the page correctly or not.

Almost all bloggers do optimize the page from themselves and. So the question comes in front of the search engine. That rank, but what? That’s why he has the same method. backlinks! Who will have a quality backlink? He will be given rank in the same way.

3) Get the help of social media: – There was a time earlier, traffic of blogs was only growing in an organic way. But this is not the case. If you focus on the promotion of the blog more than chatting on social media. So you will be successful enough to increase the blog traffic. everyone knows. That’s the trend of social media in the minds of the present-day youth. We just have to do this. Let’s create a page for every blog on your blog, facebook, twitter, Google+. And to link the new article every day. This will bring high traffic to our blog.

Friends, I told you today, how to increase traffic to blog? I hope You’ve found my post quite helpful. If you have any questions! So you can ask in the comment below.

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