How to delete your personal information from Google

On the Internet, we also unknowingly share our personal information through Google Accounts, Facebook, Twitter Social Media, etc., which we want to keep private. Google Crawl & Index is all about it. It’s easy to use personal information on Google but it is very difficult to delete from Google. In this post, we are telling you how to delete your Personal Information from Google. Google Personal Information Search How to Remove Your Personal Information from Google.

Today Google has become an important part of our lives today. We use Google to search for something on the Internet every day. Google has an answer to our every question.

Unknowingly, we accidentally share our personal information on the Internet and Oak Google indexes it and shows it in our SERPs.

If you want to delete your personal information from Google Search Results, then this post is for you. Because here I am telling you how to delete your personal information from Google.

Where we can appeal to Google to get rid of its personal details from all its platforms, products and services.

Follow this step below for this.

The legal way to delete personal information from Google

step 1:

First, you go to Removing Content from Google on that page.
Now select from where you want to delete your data.

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Step 2:

You have to delete personal information from Google, so select Web Search option.
Then tick “I would like to remove my personal information from Google’s search results”.

Step 3:

Now select the content you want to delete.

Step 4:

Click on this page link.

Step 5:

Now you have to choose whether you want to delete data from google search or both (google search and websites).

Step 6:

Now open Remove outdated content link.

Step 7:

Now enter the URL of the page from which you want to remove your personal information.
After adding the Page URL, click the Request Removal button.
Step 8:

Now a popup window will open, click on Request Removal.

Click Request Removal.
Then another small popup will open, click OK.

This way you can delete your personal information from Google. In the same way, you can get rid of your personal information with the rest of Google’s product and service.

With this personal information removal form of Google, you can access Blogger, Google+, Web Search, Google Ad, Google My Business, Google Drive and Docs, Google Play Music & Play, Apps, Google Shopping, Image Search, Google Photos and Picasa Web Albums, You can remove your personal information from YouTube, Chrome Web Store / Extensions, Google Domains, Feedburner, Gmail, Google Groups, Google News and 40+ other products.

Note: – In this way, only you can get your data deleted from Google, Google’s product and some websites. The rest of the data will have to be manually deleted

For example, if you want to delete your personal data from Facebook, you will have to report it on Facebook. If you do not do this, then Google Facebook will be indexed to search results in the search result.

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