How to Check Google Analytics Performance Report

How to Check Google Analytics Performance Report It does not even know much about any Internet user from Google. Today almost everyone has an Android mobile and it is very difficult to use without Gmail. Since Android mobile means the application and the application to install the application must be a Gmail id. In such a case, when a user searches the internet, Google keeps that search query in its database. What is this user searching? As you all know Google is a huge Ad Network and the main source of Google’s earnings is advertising. That’s why when a user searches Google, it is shown as Add-up according to its search query. The same happens with some website and blog. When the blog/website is paired with Google Analytics, Google Analytics protects all website information from its perspective. As a result, the Webmaster (Website Owner) knows all the traffic coming to the website.

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Do you use the Google Analytics service? Do you have all the information about this? I have a question: Why is Google Analytics implemented in the website? Answer this in the Comments Box. Please tell the information you have about it before reading this post. As I have said in the previous post if someone’s blog post liked it and he got to learn something then you should also help him. Maybe your question is, can I help him? Blogging is very easy to help, just share his posts with all your social media r and what did you learn from the post? Do you want to know more about what you have to say in the blog post that you read, in the comment also Explain? If you want to help us, then share this post after reading it and tell it in the comment about whatever you are asked.

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All webmasters should know about Google Analytics. Most webmasters use it to watch the daily traffic (how much traffic it has come today). But there is a lot more to it besides this. The website can get all the information attached to it from here. So far, SEO can be done very easily with it. When there is all and correct information about it, more traffic can be brought in less effort.

What is Google Analytics?

Let me tell you a short story to understand Google Analytics. This will provide all the information about Google Analytics. Have you ever gone to the doctor? What does the doctor do? First asks what happened, then checks the nicely. Writes some tests on need and writes all the reports and starts treatment (medicine, needle). When the patient follows the instructions given by the doctor for a few days, then he is recovering again. This is exactly Google Analytics which checks the health of the website. There is a Nine Tool Option in the Google Analytics Tool. Home, Customization, Real-time, Audience, Aquisition, Behavior, Conversations, Discover, and Admin All tools have different uses. With its help, SEO is done by analyzing the website in many ways.

Google Analytics Performance Report Check

To verify the Google Analytics Performance Report, log in to Google Analytic with the Gmail Id. A dashboard appears in front of you just after logging in. If you have not connected the website to Google Analytics, then read this article. How to connect the website to Google Analytics? Google has given many free tools to increase website traffic and revenue. If the Google tool is used properly, it can easily get a lot of traffic in a few months. Read this post carefully and check website health and increase its performance. You can see the option of Google Analytic in the screen shortcode given below.

Why should it be done before starting any work? When it comes to understanding why it does not take much time. So far, Google Analytics was trying to explain why it should be used. What is expected is understandable.


A Dashboard in front of the Home Tab Click, which looks like the screen shortcode below. In Google Analytics Home, Active Users Right Now, Scroll Down, How do you acquire users? How are your users active? How well do you retain users? When do your users visit? Where are your users? What are your top devices? What pages do your users visit? It all reports the website’s report.

All Parametre looks together in the Home tab. Here is the last 7 Days written down all under Parametre. If today or Last 30 days report is to be checked then you can see it and set it.


It looks like an option for Dashboards, Custom Reports, Saved Reports, Custom Alerts. The tabs for essential things to check for the website are given in Analytics. But if you want to see anything else, you can see it in the Customization tab. Like User Vs New Users, Sessions By Browser, Average Session Duration. If you have to set an alert when you can set it too.

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It also has six options. But in the Overview all is visible. Apart from this, there are many more options which can be seen in Screen Short. Real-Time means how much use is currently on the website? The user from which the website is browsing. How to reach that website. (Google Search, Social Media, Direct)

Apart from this, the user is getting the location from which location it appears on the map. There is a Round Circle where the user comes from. When keeping the Cursor on this Round Circle of Active Users and City name appears.


After Real Time, Audience is Tab. There are many options in it. Here all the information related to the traffic of the website is present. Posting all the points on this tab in a post will make the post very large. But, what information can I get from here in a short one? Here, almost all the details are visible in the Overview tab. It has three tabs below the graph. Demographics, System, and Mobile also have all three options.

Demographics: Language, Country, City Meaning of which country, website and city are visiting. You can see all the information on the screen shortcode given below.

System: Here is the meaning of System Computer. Here you can learn about the user’s Operating System and Internet Service Provider.

Mobile: You can get information about the mobile user in this tab. Which operating system in mobile (Android, iOS, Windows) is. Which company is being used in the mobile as well as what is the Screen Size of Mobile.


After the audience is the Aquisition tab. You can check traffic sources in it. The way traffic is coming from the website is coming through. Like Google Search, Social media, Direct, Email, Reference Which Webmaster needs traffic? Seeing the screenshot below shows how Traffic Source looks here.

The traffic that comes from Google Search is Organic Search. If there is a direct URL type on the website then the count in the Direct User. The user coming from Backlink is called Referral User. The Social Traffic user is coming from Social Media Sites.


This is the tab after the acquisition. Here’s the top page, Search Term, Page Loading Time can check this type of data. Which page was Top 10 in Last 7 Days, Which blog post came to the highest traffic today? It also shows that the traffic of this blog post is decreasing and growing. It had to be checked for a few days ago. But, now it gets Notification in Analytics. Page Loading time means country wise page loading time can also be checked with the average time of any post loading. Its screen shortcode has not been shared. Check it yourself by itself.

Behavior Conversations is Discover and Admin. Set Goals in Conversations Can Perform Conversion Ration. There is no need for bloggers to do this. It uses the E-commerce Website. Like a company that has managed, he monitors all the work happening in the company. The same is the Admin Tab. The User Management Option remains the same. If someone else wants to give Website’s Analytic Rights, then you can also add it. This option remains in the User Management Tab in the Admin Tab.

Conclusion Analytics Performance Report

Google Analytics is the best monitor for online business owners. If the website’s SEO has been given to an agency or Employee has been hired, you can see the result here too. Some people ignore Analytics or they do not know. I’ve seen a number of websites that do not have Analytics code installed. Because if you build a website in Rs.1000 / – then he will never do any work. If you have not connected the website to Google Analytics, then read this article. How to connect the website to Google Analytics? Ask for any kind of information related to the post in the comment.

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