How to apply under the AdSense Post Title

You all know that Google Adsense is the first choice of every blogger for Earning and here’s the reason that many of Google’s Adsense use Blogger on its blog. Blogger also likes to use Adsense at the bottom of its Post Title.

Being popular in Google Adsense is a way to cookie-based Contextual Advertising, which shows Relevant Ads after thoroughly Examine your content, which is good for Blogger and its Readers.

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Do you know the reason for putting Adsense Ads Below Post Title? If not, then I will tell you the reason for putting ads below the post title, because it is easy to show, due to which your Click Through Rate (CTR) is significantly increased.

Posting Ads below Post Title can help you with your Earning, but you must also do Experiment by putting Header, Sidebar, Footer and at the end of your post to place Ads. Apart from this, you can easily do good Earning by using the alternative of Google Adsense.

Today, we will talk about Blogger Blog Post Title to Adsense Ads in this post. So, let’s get you any ads below the post title without any delay.👇

Create Google Ads

First of all, you will need to create a Responsive Ads, to show ads below the Post Title, you can use a Particular Ad Style which is 300 * 250, but I would advise you to install Responsive Ads. Being easily set to any device, which is a better option for you, I use Big Rectangle Ads of 336 * 280 on my blog.

First to create Google Ads: ⤵

You can log in to your Google Adsense Account.
Now click on Create a new Ad unit within “My Ads”.
Now, select any Ads Unit you like (for better Performance use Responsive Ad)
Now you customize the Ad Style according to your Blog Style.
Store your Ad Code in Notepad.
The ad code you created, if you use it directly, this will not work and will not show in Adsense’s Ads Post. The reason for this is that due to Blogger blog being in XHTML and the ads we created in the HTML format, you should first convert it to XHTML with the help of this HTML Parse Tool so that you can easily use your Ads with Blogger.

➤➤ You can change any of your ad code here: Ads Code Converter Tool

Add Google Adsense Below Post Titles in Blogger:

We will now add Adsense Code to our Blogger, for that, we will complete the following steps: –

01). First of all, we will go to our Blogger Dashboard.
02). By going into Option’s Template, you will back up your Blogger’s Current Template (doing so will help us improve it if we make a mistake)
03). After taking a backup, we will click on the Edit HTML button.
04). Now we will search for the code <data: post.body /> by pressing Ctrl + F in the templates, you will find this code more than once, but you have to do all the work with the second code.
06). Now you have to place the code <data: post.body /> below: –

07). Now you paste your code at the place of PLACE YOUR AD CODE HERE which you replaced with the HTML Parser Tool.
08). Now click Save on Save Button of your Blogger Templates.

When you have done all this above correctly, you can visit your blog and then go to a BlogPost, where you can see your ad below your Post Title, which will look like this. :

[amazon_link asins=’B01N6W8QRA’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’amazon_6356-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’d5293047-34e6-40d9-add6-d66e9a1f9870′][amazon_link asins=’B07HLNGL6R’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’amazon_6356-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’a56730d8-bb29-4261-a189-213c3785a332′]
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