How Can Possible Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google is the most expensive brand in the world by value at this time and you must have known the name of its CO, about whom I am going to tell you today. Let me tell you that Sundar Pichai is one of the highest payers at this time, Google pays them Rs. 3.5 crores daily.

Sundar Pichai is associated with India, who lives in Billong from Tamil Nadu Sundar Pichai’s father was an Arms Engineer and his mother was an Austenographer, he was born and lived in two rooms and he completed his studies from a mango school. And his age is currently Santalish year and at the age of Baileish, he made Global CO.

After all, how did this car reach such a high height?
This is an interesting story, let’s tell you, Zakiya is that when the board members of Sundar Pichai were interviewed, they asked only one question and Sundar Pichai was given thirty-five minutes to answer that question. It was, what was the biggest failure in your life, and how did you get out of it?

And Sundar Pichai shocked everyone with the answer he said that my biggest failure was my hard work. He said that I was born in a poor family and I had only two rooms, I used to fill with water from the tap and die. The father used to work hard, so my two days’ bread was complete, and this grunt made me hard-working and hard-working people do not waste any time in the world. Rana wants to try and tries to do this, this lack of it just stops his growth whereas I have felt that if someone wants success, they need a good team Sundar Pichai told that I am hard working The reason I was lagging behind in making the team was the reason why I failed and when I felt that without the team, I could not grow, I started making my team and got out of that failure. Came, on hearing this reply, the people of the Google Board clapped and made Sundar Pichai the CO of the world’s largest brand.

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