Easily Learn SEO tutorial 2019 – Understand and Learn

Following the steps of the Learn SEO tutorial will increase both your website’s traffic and ranking in search engines.

SEO is very important to increase the traffic of any blog.

But before learning SEO, it is important that you know it

1. What is SEO?

2. How does Google search engine work?

In today’s time, 10 million blogs are published daily on google.

So this possibility is too much that our blog will be lost in this crowd and nobody gets noticed.

Not so, it is important that we do SEO of our blog so that it comes to the top of Google and more visitors come to it.

Learn SEO  tutorial
Learn how to SEO

Have SEO tags and learn SEO tutorial

Learn SEO.
Search Engine Optimization enhances the organic ranking of our website.

We can understand this from this example – when we do some searches on Google, the page that we have opened opens with SERP i.e. Search Engine Result Page. There are two types of results on this page.

1. Inorganic results – which are advertisements and come by paying them there.

2 Organic results – which are given without payment, but we have to do Search Engine Optimization.

Organic and inorganic results on the SERP page look like this –

organic and inorganic listings
Example of Organic and Inorganic Results


From Search Engine Optimisation, we can come on top of Google’s organic results. And this will help you to Learn SEO tutorial.

Very Simple
Learn SEO here

To make a website or blog SEO, follow these steps –

main point digital Swati 1 Submit your new blog in Google and the rest of the search engines Submit your website to Search engines –
If your blog or website is new, then first you submit it to all search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

When you submit a website to google, all its records go to Google’s database.

main point digital swati2. Choose the right keywords for your website Find keywords for your website –
Selecting the right keywords for SEO
Choosing the right keywords
The most important of the keywords is search engine optimization.

Example – if my blog is on children’s toys. So my keywords can be – Toys for kids, toys for children, toys for boys, toys for girls, toys for one-year-old children, etc.

To succeed in the SEO field, we must come to choose the right keywords.

The right way to do keyword research
The most important thing to remember is to choose the right keyword – Good Traffic And low competition

For this, we can use the Google Keyword Planner. This is a free tool.

main point digital swati3 Use keywords in your blog or website.
After selecting keywords, use them like this.

Use Keyword in the Page Title.
Example – This is my title of this post “Easy Learn SEO in Hindi 2017 How do Search Engine Optimization? Latest tutorial for beginners ”

Use a keyword in the Meta description.
I have a meta description of this post – “Learn SEO in Hindi- It is very important to do SEO in order to increase the traffic of any website/blog. Follow these steps of SEO and increase your ranking ”

Use keywords in the headings.
Like this blog post’s main heading is “Learn SEO”

Do not use keywords much in content.
Use the keyword in the URL of the page.
The URL of this page is “learn-SEO-tutorial”.

The purpose of telling you this example is that whenever you read an article it must be analyzed by the SEO’s perspective.

In this Free Ebook (20 Tools for SEO), you will find many tools that will help you to do SEO.

main point digital swati4 Submit your website sitemap to Google Submit sitemap of your website to Google –
sitemap creation
Create and submit a Sitemap.

Sitemap is an .xml file. This file contains all the information about our blog.

With its help, Google’s crawlers add all the information about our blog to our database.

 What is XML Sitemap? – Understand
How to create a Sitemap and submit – 3 Easy Steps
main point digital swati5 Optimize images of your blog
image optimization
Optimize images.
Optimizing images is very important. Proof of images in your blog Use keywords in the ALT tag of each image.

Search engines do not recognize images, they know the same name of the image, then you tell them in the alt tag.

6. Add useful content to Blog Create High content –
If there is quality content in Blog then there are many chances that search engines will also like it.

Returning visitors also increase when content is good.

main point digital

7. Insert regular content on the blog Write content regularly –
By inserting content on your blog temporarily, we get a lot of help in SEO.

Search engineers know that this blog is active and we get content for internal linking.

8 Write a Long Blog Make your blog post lengthy –
The small blog post is not SEO friendly. Write a blog work of 1000 -2000 words. The long blog has many advantages.

In the long blog, we can reach more information readers. I have done this in my SEO article too.

People spend more time on our site, who tells Google that people are liking our content.

In a long blog, we can also do internal linking too.

9 Link all blogs internally with Create internal linking –
internal linking
Internal linking is a very powerful SEO strategy.
Internal linking is very very important in the 35+ techniques I have spoken in my Complete On-page SEO Guide.

A very good example of interlinking is Wikipedia Linking one page to another page is only internal linking.

A good internal linked site tells Google that this site is very resourceful.

With this, all our blog posts get an SEO boost. And this is only possible when there is more content on our site, which can be linked to each other.

10 Distribute your content to social sites like facebook, twitter
Applying content is as important as the website, the more it is necessary to reach that content as much as possible.

In today’s competitive time, we do not have to wait for people to find us, but we have to reach our content to them.

There are lots of social networking sites where people spend their time – like – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn Etc.

Publish your blog post on all these platforms.

Hey……. You forgot to share this post with me 😉

 11 Make your blog backlinks Create high quality and relevant backlinks –
Make quality backlinks only.
Backlinks are very important in our SEO. When making backlinks, we have to take care of a lot of things.

At first, when taking a backlink, keep in mind that the website you are linking to is trustworthy.

Backlinks have a very good effect on taking from related sites to your field, on our SEO ranking.

Example – If my site is related to education then backlink will be very good from the .edu domain.

12 Allow readers to reply to comments and reply to them.
Comments do our SEO ranking increase. Encourage your readers to comment and you reply to their comments.

This will make a trust between you and the readers, which is very important for a blogger.

Do you know I must answer the comments of all my readers?

 13 Use social media plugins on your blog –
People who like a humor blog can also share it with others. We use social media plugins for this.

When people share our blog, Google knows that it is a useful post and that our rankings search results increase.

14 Blog’s title and description are attractive and meaningful Attractive title and description –
According to Google’s guidelines, it is very important in search engine optimization that we pay a lot to our Meta title and meta description.

Impressive titles


In these, we have to use keywords At the same time, make it attractive too.

So, when searching Google, the focus of the logo will go on and click on our website.

Also, note that our title and, description matches our page.

If it does not happen, visitors will not take interest in the content oan f the page and will go back, due to which our bounce rate will increase and ranking decrease.

15 Speed up the blog speed –
If the speed of our blog is slow, google search engine reduces our rankings.

Google wants to give our users the best experience If the site takes time to open, visitors will go back and our bounce rate will increase and ranking will decrease in google.

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