5G network to be launched in China and South Korea first in the world

The incoming time is 5G i.e. the mobile network’s 5 Genreson and it is quite different from the previous mobile network, Ongji gave us an analog phone so that we could call each other to send messages sent to 2G and record voice It became easy for 3G to make it easy to use mobile broadband and the Internet; the same 4G came in a different change in all these and it was learned to use all these things and more fast, but if the 5G If you talk about it, it is very different from all of them, as if the machines started talking to each other and talk to you as well. But to make this possible, we will have to do many antenna, or to put antenna everywhere. The device is ready to connect with each other, which can communicate with one another to talk to each other,

These can make decisions themselves and make our life easier, you probably do not think of so much work, as it can control you in the power consumption of your house, order the freeze when you order vegetables You have to do and how much you have to do or say that you have as many machines as you can now understand your work by itself, that is, when the machines become such, then the work of human beings will start with regular methods, walking on the road By the time your carriage will be connected to all the sensors around it, and traffic lights will be connected far enough, which you can not even see, everything will be automatic.

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5G will provide fast connectivity to your device, but with connectivity as well as instability, it is necessary that these devices will continue to have kinetic from different antennas when you are moving fast. But by how much speed can these connections remain stable, the company named Baluwair is testing whether you are sitting in a speed train, your network or connection is working or can it give a super fast internet? These experiments are being done all over the world,

In America, the company named Barrose is testing some technology in some cities. The trial is being done in very small areas, the speed of the network is very good, but the company has had some problems in the beginning, expected To get 5 g of sabah, South Korea and China will be in the forefront of the city.

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