2ND Wicket Fall Down Now

OUT! This is a dream. Shami pitches it up, hits the seam and it comes back on sharply, it hits the top of off stump. This is top class fast bowling. Hope had no idea what happened and how it happened. He is gone for 5. Shai Hope b Shami 5(10)

After 7 overs,West Indies 16/2 ( Sunil Ambris 5 , Nicholas Pooran 0)

Okay, so Shami missed his run-up for second time. He got back to the back of the length now for some reason. Got hit for four by Hope on the back foot. Next ball, he pitched it up and the same seamed in after pitching, beat Hopes’ bat and hit the top of off stump. Dream fast bowling.

After 8 overs, West Indies 21/2 ( Sunil Ambris 6, Nicholas Pooran 0)

This has been sort of trend this World Cup as Dhoni has had issues going down to collect the ball off pacers. He ended up giving 4 bytes again. He was facing back issues not so long ago, maybe that is catching up. One more edge flew behind the stumps but fell short of Dhoni. Bumrah is itching to get one wicket. 5 off the over.

After 9 overs, West Indies 25/2 ( Sunil Ambris 8, Nicholas Pooran 2)

Shami is mixing up the length quite well. Fuller at times and then he pulls the length short to surprise the batsmen. Importantly, he is delivering the deliveries he plans in his head. 4 off the over.

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